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Technologically Advanced
and Innovative Power Solutions


Trilogy is a United States manufacturer of Data Center power distribution products Worldwide. Our Engineering staff posses over 60 years of combined experience in the fields of Data Center design, critical power and electrical engineering. Trilogy is a leader of innovative and industry changing products for Data Centers. Our patented designs to provide unparalleled, redundant, reliable and efficient solutions being completely customizable from beginning to end. 


In 2001 under our previous entity, Millennium 2000 Technologies, we released our first break through product, the RPDU. The RPDU was an industry changing power distribution product that changed the world of Data Centers from conventional wiring of the PDUs to the racks to a High Power Distribution within the rack rows. We can proudly and simply say that we did it first, and now we are doing it again.


Our philosophy is to engineer and provide the industry with break through products that provide technologically advanced and innovative power solutions for Data Centers Worldwide. By working closely with Data Centers and critical power engineering firms we have witnessed a variety of issues in the area of power distribution and redundancy. Thus unveiling Trilogy's cutting-edge, unique, and modern technology.


Many other advantages and benefits are associated with the HPDU and RPDU distribution method

Real Estate

The HPDU & RPDU will free valuable computer room space, which is usually occupied by bulky distribution equipment and NEC required clearances around panels.

Installation Time

Conventional wiring could take several days to complete, while the HPDU & RPDU power distribution can be available within a few hours due to the simplicity of the installation.

Relocation and Configuration

The HPDU & RDPU can be easily relocated at no additional cost to the end user. Where as in conventional wiring, a total abandonment of the distribution circuits is expected.

Air Conditioning

Conduits under computer room floors restrict AC airflow, thus resulting in added cost for additional AC units. By utilizing the RPDU or HPDU distribution, under floor congestion will be resolved.

Installation Cost

Power distribution is costly and circuit wiring could cost several thousand of dollars. The HPDU and RPDU address this issue by delivering 207 KVA of plug and play receptacles powering up to 16 racks with only one input circuit.


Field installed circuits are usually not load tested, therefore reducing the reliability and quality of the distribution circuits and increasing the chance of future failures. The HPDU & RPDU distribution unit is load tested and each individual receptacle is loaded to 100% of its capacity.

Universal Operation

The HPDU & RPDU operates as a single or three phase distribution, and interfaces with a variety of AC power supply systems.

Load Monitoring

The RPDU is equipped with an advanced power and energy meter that monitors the total power to the RPDU. The HPDU is equipped with a current meter for each output receptacle.


Addition of future circuits in a computer room requires downtime and additional cost. By using the HPDU & RPDU, load addition is easy, just plug the new equipment in to an available receptacle.

Branch Circuit Monitoring Option

The HPDU & RPDU can be equipped with a Branch Circuit Monitor. The HPDU & RPDU monitor the current draw of each individual circuit. Each circuit can be programmed to provide a warning and a critical alarm. All data is transmitted to a computer or network (Modbus host) for management and monitoring. Up to 63 HPDU or RPDUs can be networked on one Modbus for simple wiring.

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