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A Uniquely Customizable, Advanced, and Flexible High Power Distribution Unit.

Utilized for Data Center Worldwide, it is designed with a 2N bus each rated at 150 or

225 AMPs coming in a hot swappable modular or non-modular setup.

Over 80% reduction in conventional wiring and installation time from weeks to days. Powered within 2-5 hours due to simplicity of installation and eliminates 100% of down time during expansions and installation of future racks

Immediate Time-to-Value

Hot swappable modules offer flexibility in swapping out receptacle types within 5-minutes when you need it and has the flexibility to connect with various kinds of customer distribution equipment. Allowing for hot swappability of receptacles in minutes without incurring ANY downtime

Enhanced Modularity

First and only power distribution unit designed with built-in 2N capability. Leading the curve in both 1N and 2N design, utilizing one input circuit powering up to 12 racks

Superior Redundancy

Visible and accessible current meter for each output receptacle. Elimination of interference, capacity losses from by web of power whips under a raised floor. Increases underfloor airflow efficiency, reducing AC costs by 10%. Easily integrates with wide variety of other power equipment

Simplified Power Management 

Up to 100% reduction in installation costs, 80% reduction in the amount of electrical cabling and frees up 73% of your breaker panel space

Reduced Costs

Download our HPDU Brochure and Data Sheets

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