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Trilogy’s iRPDU is supporting Data Centers worldwide. With it’s Flexibility and High Power ranging from 32A – 400A, our powerful tool was designed to be customized and adaptive to meet your specifications, Basic to Intelligent.

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Increased Power Capacity

The iRPDU can handle large amounts of electricity, support High-Density applications. Enabling administrators to balance high power loads across different phases and circuits, avoiding imbalances that could lead to power disruptions or increased wear on electrical components.

Power Management

Equipped with intelligent features, such as local or remote monitoring and management capabilities. This enables administrators to monitor power usage, temperature, and other critical parameters from a centralized location, enhancing the facility’s overall efficiency and reducing the need for physical intervention.

Energy Efficient & Scalable

Incorporating advanced power management features like power metering and monitoring, which allow administrators to identify power inefficiencies and optimize energy usage. This contributes to reduced operating costs and a more sustainable data center operation. As data centers and server rooms grow, power demands increase. The iRPDU provides the scalability needed to accommodate expanding infrastructure.

iRPDU By Trilogy Power

Immediate Time To Value

Customizing the iRPDU’s configuration based on your specific power requirements. This flexibility ensures that the PDU can adapt to changing needs and equipment layouts proving quick and efficient scalability.


Critical Power Infrastructure

Improve the performance, efficiency, and manageability of a data center or server room by increasing your power capacity and reducing your downtime.

Trilogy's team was able to evaluate our current situation and understand our needs. Sasha and her team would provide frequent updates throughout the procurement process, keeping us in the loop every step of the way. With their help, we were able to distribute power across our operation in a timely manner.

Trilogy is an outstanding provider of business solutions. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have truly transformed our operations, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

I am incredibly impressed with Trilogy's PDUs for enterprise data centers. Their PDUs are not only reliable but also highly efficient, providing a seamless power distribution system for our data center infrastructure. I highly recommend!